Beth Rosenblatt, LMFT-ATR, MBA



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Life can be complicated, full of change and challenges.  Although we have all come up with ways get through these times or cope, sometimes challenges persist, resurface or feel overwhelming. Significant change requires deep personal examination, something difficult to do on our own.

Psychotherapy is an effective way to help us understand our behavior and its connection to our inner emotional experience.  It helps to resolve common problems that often impact our daily functioning including depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, bereavement, and difficult life phases. Psychotherapy is a supportive process promoting exploration, growth and change.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I offer psychotherapy in English and Spanish. I am also a Registered Art Therapist.  This approach is known to be particularly successful in working with children and adolescents, and can be very effective with adults and couples.

My experience includes treating symptoms such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, self-esteem and self-image issues as well as relationship issues.  In treating families, my experience includes addressing behavior and facilitating parental emotional attunement, in addition to working with parents and children through divorce, separation, and co-parenting. 

Because fit is important in forming a therapeutic relationship, I offer a free initial consultation at my office.